Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NY 77 - Beaded fantasy

I love making beaded beads. I made this neklace when I was 14 weeks pregnant with Frida and I was sick as a dog... the only thing I could do then was to lay on the bed... except beading ;) The big beaded ball was inspired by Gwen Fisher.

GY 88 - Freeform ring

I made these freeform ring to my friends request. She wanted to take pictures for her new catalogue (nail art products) with a new nail art design. Of coure I said yes both for making the ring and for being the model :)))

NY 91 - Lilac

Beaded beads with beaded beads :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NY 87 - Arrow

I saw a very similar pendant in a japanese book on the net... but it was only a scanned picture of it with blurred drawings... so I had to use the photo and find out the instructions... I think mine is a bit bigger, but my sister loves it.

NY 78 - Hidden rose

Another chrocheted necklace. This one was made for my sister.

NY 80 - Aqua mandala

NY 79 - Victorian and brown

A simple design... simple technique... still the result is quite flashy ;)

K 21 - Raspberry and rose

A herringbone bracelet with 5 mm firepolished beads, 6 mm antique rose special cut beads, 10/0 bronze sead beads, and bronze twisted bugles.

K 19 - Blue wave

A peyote bracelet with 3 mm aqua fire polished beads, hematite bugle beads, and grey rocailles.

K 18 - Pink squares and triangles

My favourite coloures :)

K 15 - Dalmatian

When I found these funny lampbeads they reminded me of the dalmatian puppies. Very simple bracelet with beaded beads. Here you can find the instructions:

GY 85 - Semiprecious stones

A very simple design, see the instructions on my site:

GY 84 - Blue and silver

Freeform ring: flovers and leaves on a simple base...

G 6 - Like a virgin

A chrystal-pink set for an evening dress.

GY 78 - Spring

I made this just for fun... i don´t think these colours are a good match but when my friends saw the ring I had to make several similar ones.... I just liked the center lamp bead with its little roses.

GY 77 - Noon

My favourite ring - I like it so much that I had to keep it and make a different one for selling ;) And this one stayed here with me... my preciuous :)))) I used swarovski chrystal with metal setting, 8mm donut-cut beads, 3 & 4 mm firepolished beads, 6 mm special cut beads and 4 mm pale rose imitation pearl beads.

GY 75 - Dim dreams

Same design - different beads... I love these opaque fire polished beads!

GY 64 - Green and bronze

This sead bead is my joker :) when I have no better idea I use them... this colour matches any other ;)

GY 57 - The curly one

I saw an assymetric ring on a japanese site. I wanted a more assymetric, more curly ring. This was the result...

GY 54 - My turquoise ring

I had this small turquoise for a long time but I had to wait for the matching beads. Then I found these turquoise initation pearls and the 13/0 sead beads.

G 13 - Wedding set

The bride wanted little beaded flowers in her hair so I made these little pins for her. The other jewels have the same motives. The set was made of white and chrystal pressed beads, chrystal and opal fire polished beads, swarovki beads and chrystals with metal setting, 9/0 and 11/0 sead beads.

NY 70 - Chrocheted pendant with lamp beads

I fell in love with these big purple lampbeads at forst sight :) I wanted to use them for something uniqe... I think I did it ;)
Anyway...if you can chrochet a little you can make this easily... see the instuctions on my site:

NY 61 - Pink agate

I bought this pink agate at a bead workshop some years ago. I had no idea what to do with it but it was beautiful I wanted to have it :) At last I created this very simple embedding and then put the pendant on leather strings combined with organza and silk ribbons in colours to match.

NY 59 - Crosses

The first one of these crosses were made for one of my friends. She loves brown and bronze so I wanted to use the 8 mm "sunstones" in her pendant. It really sparkles in the light! The other one was redesigned to suit a blue dress.

NY 57 - For my best friend˙s wedding

This set was made for Monika´s wedding. I used imitation pearls, swarovski beads and rondells. fire polished beads on pins. Her dress had a "dead gold" coloured embroidery so I did not want to use only white beads. The matted tawny imitation pear was a perfect choice to match the wedding gown. The set contains a pair of earrings and a headpiece too.

NY 55 - Black & Red

This small necklase is made of black and red firepolised beads (3 mm), 15/0 sead beads, cca 7 mm black leaves, 10x14 mm faceted chrystals in metal setting and silk ribbon (3 mm).

NY 53 - Rose mandala

This one I made especially for myself. The photo is quite bad (sorry... :) ) the colours more are beautiful and intense. I love these pale pink and rose beads with the bronze fire polised beads. I wear this pendant on a simple pink leather string .

NY 46C - Pink flowers with silk ribbon

I made this necklase to one of my friend˙s mum to wear at his wedding. It is made of czech glass beads, silk ribbon. I made the flowers on fishing line seperately, and then tied onto the wire.

G10 - Crocheted raspberry set on wire

The pendant has a coloured shell center (14 mm) and is made of czech firepolised beads (5 mm), sead beads, swarovski christals (5 mm) and round imitation pearls (4 mm). The beads are on crocheted wire. I put the pendant on round leather srings along with the metal hearts and some beaded beads. The ring is also made of the same elements but on 0,25 mm fishing line.

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