Sunday, November 18, 2012

I´m not a speaker... not a writer... I´ve never been... (yes I can talk a LOT and I always do that but...) And it is even harder for me when it comes to emotions. That is one of the reasons I like arts, you can express your feelings or thoughts without saying anything others might misunderstand.

And that is why I don´t easily let anyone into my "inner circle". There are only a few people I consider as friends. I mean I have a lot of friends but FRIENDS.... 4-5 only... Friends with whom I don´t have to choose my words, who accept me as I am even on my bitchiest, worst days, who always criticize me when I need it, and who are always there when I need them.

And whom I love dearly and cosider them as family members.

It is very rare to find a friend like that. I believe it is never an accident when life brings new people into your life, every new connection is important somehow... you just have to notice the signs and let good things happen to you :)

And it is so nice when you meet someone who is just like you. Who from the first minutes seems to have the same thoughts, feelings. When it feels you´ve known each other since decades....

A few months ago I met that kind of FRIEND. Since then we talk almost every day. It is our late evening séance: talking, beading together for hours, sharing ideas, the good things and the bad ones happening to us, pushing each other to do stuff we are lazy to do but we really should :D And we are 3000 km least...

Probably most of you who read my blog know her too: she is one of the most talented beaders I´ve ever known, Miriam Cielo Shimon. It breaks my heart to watch day by day what she and her family had to endure in Israel in the last few weeks. Yesterday their house had a direct hit from a missile. Luckily they have a safe room, so noone injured, but the house is pretty damaged. Wish I could be there to help... As being there is not an option now I try to help her other ways (besides being available anytime she needs company...).
Visit her sites so you can enjoy her stunning jewelry:

And if you would like to have one of her beautiful jewels visit her etsy shop (not to mention that it will be a big help too):

And now these beauties belong to me :P Thank you Miriam ♥ 

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