Saturday, May 31, 2008

NY 112 - Monica

Unfortunately too long to take a good photo of it... It is as long that almost reaches one´s belly. I´ll will try to take a photo wearing by its owner.

K 36 - Just colours...

...and no design :) another gift...

NY 108b - Another smile

The same pendant as the "shy smile" but with bigger beads. I made this as a gift to one of Lili´s kindergartner. 10 mm & 8 mm imitation pearls, 4 & 6 mm firepolished beads, 4 mm sw bicones, 15/0 japanese seed beads.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GY 97 - Simbelmynë NY 111 - Simbelmynë

I made this simple set to myself (I have easily found a good reason to keep it :))) this will be a gift on the occasion of my forthcoming birthday :P and I needed a ring to match my new nail colour :))) ) But I found the pendant too small, the ring a bit big so I think this is not its final shape... And I have now mini 8mm rivolis in the same colour so I will make earrings too... 14 mm rivolis crystal AB, 11/0 delica 0035, 4mm sw bicones (light olivine, aquamarine, silver) 3mm & 4mm firepolished bead (aqua) 10 mm firepolished bead (inside the BB), 6 mm metal beads (silver).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

GY 96 - Beatrix, NY 109 - Beatrix

A little set as a birthday gift to my friend. She has chosen the padparadsha rivoli chrystals and wanted a ring as small as possible. I used 3 and 4 mm firepolished beads with 11/0 delicas to set the rivoli and then I used this frame as a base. The ring and the pendans both have the same base. 4 mm bronze & chocolate brown firepolished beads, 3mm chocolate fpb, 4 mm sw bicones padparadsha & bronze, 11/0 delica, 15/0 seed bead (hehe bronze again... I cant help it :)) ) RAW garnished with picots.

K 35 - Earthborn

8 mm imitation pearls in 4 colours, 4 mm firepolished bronze, 4 mm sw bicone light topaz & light olivine, 15/0 bronze seed bead, memory wire) I made this simple bracelet (can´t you make something simple this time??? why do i hate this question?? :))) ) to my mom on mothers day...

NY 108 - Shy smile

It was love at first sight... me and this bronze chain... at the wholesaler it cried from the shelf "take me home take me home" :)))) I didnt want it to feel lonly so I took the matte pink imitation pearls too :P (8 mm matte imitation pearls, 4 & 6 mm firepolished bronze, 4 mm light rose & bronze sw bicones, 15/0 bronze japanese seed bead, 8 mm copper beads)

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