Sunday, October 16, 2016

Master Beads 2017 Bergamo - My workshops

Prepare for the summer with these hip statement bangles! You may choose any colour combination, it will be perfect to complement your outfit on a hot, sunny day. Wear them in batches, and learn a new stitch or two in the meanwhile! 
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Learn how to bezel different crystal shapes and sizes with various beads. You can combine the bezeled elements into an elegant earring.Or just multiply the elements and make matching jewellery: ring, bracelet or necklace. During this workshop you will ONLY make the earrings. 
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You can wear these earrings to complement your fanciest clothes, but also to add a hint of luxury to your everyday outfit. The rich, baroque look offers numerous possibilities to fine-tune your jewellery making skills. Give it a go today!
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 Add a touch of nostalgic, vintage feel to your newest accessories! During this workshop you will work with the newest 2-hole beads, and also learn to combine metal chains with glass beads to achieve a romantic effect in your jewellery.
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GY 153 - Spoiler


F 70 - Orma

K 101 - Perina

NY 248 - Latta


NY 243 - Lamma

GY 152 - Parma

GY 151 - Narda

F 69 - Malda

K 100 - Moss

NY 242 - Sara

K 99 - Echtee


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