Monday, November 10, 2008

G 25 - Flame

A little "almost nothing" earring for my collegue. Rounds tuned into triangles :P The set has a necklace too, but I forgot to take pics of it... I think I have to borrow it :D

NY 126 - Elanor Green

Small stuff for the magazine. Check back for the instuction next month ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Banyák a Tanyán :)

...azaz egy biztos hogy lesz (igen én, nem te;) ) ugyanis Era és Kriszta meghívtak egy kis szeánszra NOVEMBER 22-re. A részleteket a tanya fórumán, és blogján is megtalálod

Persze a fényezőst részt átugorhatod, a lényeg a kép alatt van :D:D:D (Era ugyanúgy szeret lead szöveget írni mint én, úgyhogy gyorsan rápasszoltam szegényre...bocsi Era, majd a tanyabulira készülök egy kis kárpótlással ;) )

Naszóval, gyűrű lesz a fő téma, és azon belül is fűzhető swari közepű gyűrűk. Aki már járt nálam tanfolyamon, az tudja hogy természetesen improvizálni és csalni ér, a lényeg hogy legyen hozzá Eráéknál hozzávaló. Aki nagyon más gyűrűt szeretne, vagy hozzon egy jobb felbontású fotót és/vagy emilezze el nekem, vagy szóljon előre mit szeretne, és úgy készülünk...

Jelentkezés kizárólag a Gyöngyboxnál!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

GY 100 - Absolutely

Absolutely mine :) And absolutely a terrible photo... the cabochon is too shiny I wasn´t able to make a good pic. And absolutely one of a kind, because the cabochon was made by my friend. Thanks Trix :) xxx

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

deEva´s selection

As I promised... here is the new blog, where you will find my favourite beaders´ sites or blogs... It will be chiefly composed of photos...

Monday, September 15, 2008

NY 125 - Wide awake

NY 124 - Gloomy sunshine

The base is exactly the same like in the ring Small Bea. The difference is the decoration. These pendants and earrings (see next post too...) were made for the "Small stuff" too... Quite boring projects the olny pleasure is in it the colour-choosing-part :)))

Thursday, September 4, 2008

B 2 - Vintage dangles

NY 121 - Flowerfall, F 23 - Flowerfall

NY 120 - Midnight

Small stuff

Probably you have heard several times the maddening question from customers: "Can you make someting simple and small this time?" Aaaaaarghhhh.... they drive me mad with this... Usually I ignore this, but very seldom I give in... and make very simple undesigned stupid small stuff for them like these....

Monday, August 18, 2008

NY 118 - Sea wind

My friend wanted my "Caged turquoise" necklase so I had to make something similar. But the resemblance betwwen them is only the material... same stones, same wires :) I new I want something assimetric, a big clasp which will be near the pendant... so I first made the parts of the clasp, then the pendant... the rest was only assebling :P

Friday, August 15, 2008

K 41 - Felt so good

8 mm orange imitation pearls, 4 mm czech fp beads, felt beads, 11/0 seed beads... Very simple beaded beads in bright orange...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

B 1 - Motley brooch

I haven´t made any brooch yet... But it was fun to make, so I´m sure there will be others :)) I can not take good photo of it, this doesn´t shows te fabrics´s texture and the colours correctly... Felt flowers, beaded chrocheted flower, fp beads, satin ribbon, chains, beaded bead (11/0 matte black sead beads around a 8 mm czech fp), beaded bead (4 mm imitationn pearls with 11/0 matte black seed beads).

Monday, July 28, 2008

G 20 - Erika (K 40, H 3, NY 117, F 17)

To my friend Erika. She choose a beautiful pale gold taffeta dress embellished with gold sequins, so there were not to many options when we had to choose the perfect colours of the beads. The best match was the golden shadow swarovski with the matte sand imitation pearls, and the matte bronze delica. I also used a tiny amount of silver lined gold bead to give a little extra sparkle. The bride was wery happy with the jewels, and I´m waiting for her photos wearing them :)

NY 116 - Caged Turquoise

I haven´t done any wirework in the last few years. I had to produce something during the last workshop. This is really simple design, beacause it had to be easy-to-copy for the beginners ;) And a quick & cheap trick: if you don´t have coiling tools on hand, don´t panic :) Just bend the end of the wire you want to cover with thin wire. Secure the thinner wire to this "winch". Start to twirl it. For easier use pull a big bead onto the wire so it will be comfortable to hold it. You can cover the wire in minutes ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

K 39 - Lilac spirals

6/0 czech seed beads, 11/0 czech seed beads, 4 mm fp bead (ametist with metal coating), 6 mm fp bead (pale pink with metal coating), 11/0 japanese seed bead (ametist, square hole silver lined)

K 38 - Dark side of me

8 mm black matte imitation pearls, 6 mm imitation pearls, 4 mm matte imitation pearls, 4 mm fp beads, 6 mm fp beads, 5/3 mm pressed beads, 11/0 seed beads

K 37 - Cubes & Jade

14x19 mm jade beads, 3 mm miyuki cubes (2035), 6 mm czech fp beads, miyuki triangles (1801)

NY 115 - Lilien

10 mm rose opal sw carré in metal setting, 8 mm imitation pearls, 4 mm rose opal sw bicones, 11/0 delica (0004 & 0355)

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