Monday, April 11, 2011

GY 114 - Hide

This was the second option I made for my friend. This one stayed with me (unfortynately too big for ring size is only is even big for my thumb :D ) so it will go to etsy...

GY 108 - WellX

Ok, I told you I wont repeat...but I just love this ring, and these silver drops... My friend asked me "a blue/ish ring" so I made her two just in case... She wasn´t specific at all - another gooood customer :P - so I could make anything I like (we have similar taste in colors and jewels, so I made rings I would love to wear only a bit bigger :P) At last she choose this one:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

NY 178 - Monochrome

Or its rather monobronze :) I fell in love in my fav. shop with these bronze coated ceramic beads. It just simply did not need any more colours around it. (but it is impossible to take a good photo of it, i tried a lot of lightsources, colour settings... but still no good ones... so you have to guess the rest ;) )

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