Thursday, November 4, 2010

NY 97 - Fancy drops - new edition :)

Another custom made order for Marina. Girls, thank you for the beads (some of the beads I used in the original design are out of the shops now, so all the girls at the class searched for the leftovers :D)

Friday, September 24, 2010

GY 108 - Well 2.

The green one´s center was an oval rivoli-like crystal but with flat face. I did not have another one so I had to fint a replacement cab for the custom made new ring. The design perfectly works with rivoli too, so as soon as I have some quiet evening I will make the instruction;) Right after the monthly magazine article :D 
Nadja I hope you like it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Small stuff....

Some small quick project that did not earn their own post :) Mostly results of "make me something simple and small" kind of orders... Usually with low quality photos (I did˙t intend to use them for posting... only instead of written notes:) )

Monday, August 9, 2010

NY 172 - I♥YOU

I got this beautiful heart as a birthday gift form a good friend of mine (Anna). It spent the last year on my desk waiting for some good company :) But finally I had to take it to a loong weekend to find new buddies (with some help from Reni and Rita :P). Then I only had to sit beside them waiting for some inspiration :))) 
(we spent 3 days together with the girls - Kinga, Szilvi, Zsófi, Andi ,Rita, Reni, F.Orsi, B.Orsi and me accompanied only with beads, wine, simple but good food, beautiful landscape and panorama, and of course a lot of laugh...)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NY 169 - Molla

Brass base, 4mm bicones, 4mm firepolished beads, 3 mm pressed beads, 11/0 delica, 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads, 10/8 machine cut donuts...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NY 168 - Tanna

Adunk, hogy adhassunk... Let's help together! - Vol 2.

And here it is.... the first amount of money was transfered! Wowww, thanks to you all for your support and help and the lot of posts and backlinks... It is soo good to be a member of such a generous bead-community! Just keep on helping girls! I hope soon we can post the next one :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adunk, hogy adhassunk... Let's help together! (NY 166 - Nanda)

Looking at the pictures, my heart goes out to the victims of the flood.
Water reaching up to the rooftops, the ruins of houses, mud covering the streets, mouldy walls and furniture and people who have lost almost everything. Thousands of families had to be evacuated, lots with no hope of ever getting back their homes.
Dear bead-addicted friends! Let's help together!

Zsuzsi Veres (Vezsuzsi), Vica Dobos (deEva) and Bánhalmi Andrea (Ande) have each made a pattern, which are sold through Gyöngybox for a price of 1000 HUF each. It is not a big amount of money so we hope that it will fit into your budget. The proceedings from the sales will be sent to an Aid Organization with us taking no commission from the sales. We will constantly report on how much money was collected and will present the proof of payments on Gyöngybox forum and our private blogs hopefully very soon!
These patterns are only traded by Gyöngybox duroing this campaign and will not be available later. 

The patterns will be on sale from 14 June through Gyöngybox webshop and will be available until it is needed to collect money for the flood victims.
Please, spread the news of our campaign as it is not sure that everybody reads our blogs.
Thank you for your help in advance!
Bánhalmi Andrea (Ande)
Dobos Éva (Deeva) 

Veres Zsuzsa (Vezsuzsi)
Karmazsin Erika - Gyöngybox (Era) 

Nézem a képeket, és elszorul a szívem.
Háztetőkig érő víz, összedőlt házak, az ár után maradt sártenger, elázott, penészes falak, bútorok, szinte mindenüket elveszített emberek ... Több ezer családot kellett kitelepíteni, sokan közülük végleg elveszítették otthonukat.

Kedves gyöngyfüggő barátaim! Segítsünk együtt!

Veres Zsuzsi
(Vezsuzsi) és Bánhalmi Andi (Ande) és én (deEva) elkészítettünk egy-egy mintát, melyet darabonként 1000 Ft-os áron a Gyöngybox értékesít. Csekély összeg, de bízom benne, sokan gondoljátok úgy, hogy belefér a költségvetésetekbe. A teljes összeget átutaljuk egy segélyszervezet számlájára. Sem a Gyöngybox, sem mi nem veszünk le jutalékot az összegből. A befolyt összegről folyamatosan beszámolunk, a befizetett csekk fényképét időről időre bemutatjuk a Gyöngybox fórumán, és mindhármunk blogjában -- remélem minél hamarabb lesz mit mutatnunk!

A mintákat kizárólag a gyűjtés ideje alatt forgalmazza a Gyöngybox, később nem lesznek elérhetők. A minták június 14-étől megrendelhetők a Gyöngybox webshopjában, az értékesítés addig tart, amíg szükség van gyűjtésre.

Kérlek benneteket, tájékoztassátok gyöngyfűző barátaitokat az akciónkról, hiszen nem biztos, hogy mindenki olvassa blogjainkat!

Előre is nagyon köszönjük segítségeteket!

Bánhalmi Andrea (Ande)
Dobos Éva (Deeva) 

Veres Zsuzsa (Vezsuzsi)
Karmazsin Erika - Gyöngybox (Era)

NY 166 - Nanda
This will be my pattern for this special sale.

 Zsuzsi´s peyote patterns

Ande´s beaded bead pattern

Thursday, June 3, 2010

NY 167 - Narena

Love at first sight... :D when I first saw this beautiful dichroic cabochon made by Linda Roberts on her FB wall, I knew I must get it :) Fortunately I could buy it through her Etsy shop :P I just put it on my desk, watched it for weeks but now finally it find herself some company (very picky girl, but I think in the end she chose quite well :P ) It was raining almost continuously int the last 2-3 weeks, no sun, so the photos are tragic, I will replace them as soon as it will be summer again..or at least spring...

GY 108 - Well

Anna, thank you for the beautiful crystal cabochon!

NY 165 - Chëlly

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GY 107 - Aelin

A "tiny" (on my scale of ring-sizes :D) and simple ring... The center is a small (10x8mm) oval cubic zirconia in metal setting. It is bezelled with 2mm firepolished beads, 15/0 seed beads, 11/0 and 10/0 delicas and 4mm bicones.

GY 105 - Luet 4-5.

This time for me :) Orsi (thanks thanks thanks) gave me these dark silver and light bronze crystal donuts. It´s been a while since I made rings for myself... these will be my favourites this summer...

GY 112 - Noon 2.

Variations of my old design:
At least I didn´t have to find a new name :D
In the old one the centerpiece was a square crystal in a metal setting, but the metal setting always hitched on to something and opened and the crystal fell out... So as I lost the crystal I cut out the setting with a scissor (ooops...) and replaced it with bicones and seed beads.
The new ones were not made of exactly  the same-sized beads so they turned out a bit more round. So I added some more beads to make them into oval.

NY 164 - Erya

A simple and quick-to-make pendant for beginners... pattern soon ;) Unfortunately I could not take better photos of the miracle beads...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

NY 163 - Moodista

We had a little SWAP amongst my "students", friends. It had no special theme or occassion we just wanted to give something to each other :) Kinga´s daughter Zsófi helped to choose the pairs. So the second time Rita was the one for whom I had to make a surprise. I know her tase very well, so this time I did´t have to think for long about the colours :P
A two-sided star on a silk cord.
(Dont´t be optimistic not to see more and more donuts :D I have a huge box ful of them :P I can˙t help it I became a bead-donut-addict I think :D)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GY 106 - Tagiri

Variations, variations... Another version of my previous ring Luet. At my class the girs made beautiful versions of this ring too. Though they followed the same graphics, instructions, all of the rings turn out to be absolutely unique, totally different. i hope they will port them soon so I can show it to you too ;)

NY 154 - Rikka 3.

Happy birthday Monyóka :)
(Another version of Rikka: this time instead of the round fp beads I used czech fp "gemstone donuts"...and a new BB with spagetti beads)

Monday, April 5, 2010

K 58 - Borena

A simple bracelet for beginners (pattern available soon). Raw base decorated wit seed beads and firepolished beads.

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