Wednesday, June 15, 2011

K 63 - Autumn Rose-garden

At the exhibition I sold the bracelet, but they asked for a matching pendant, so I made one on the spot :P 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NY 180 - Transformed

This was my piece for Bead Mavens´ Bead Soup Double Up challenge. I was in pair with Cath Thomas, she sent me this "soup":
I love those beautiful purple sw squares. I don´t really like bezelling with peyote, so usually I use RAW with 2 needles and firepolished beads to make a tight setting that can be used as a firm base for further embellishing. I just did not like the results of my first attempts, so finally I made triangles from the squares. Then I just continued to "trasform" every crystal into a different shape than they were originally. Hence the name ;) (To be honest, I´m quite a lazy beader when it comes to ropes... I never liked monotone things... so I just made a very simple 4 stranded "random" necklace for the pendant.)

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