Monday, July 28, 2008

G 20 - Erika (K 40, H 3, NY 117, F 17)

To my friend Erika. She choose a beautiful pale gold taffeta dress embellished with gold sequins, so there were not to many options when we had to choose the perfect colours of the beads. The best match was the golden shadow swarovski with the matte sand imitation pearls, and the matte bronze delica. I also used a tiny amount of silver lined gold bead to give a little extra sparkle. The bride was wery happy with the jewels, and I´m waiting for her photos wearing them :)

NY 116 - Caged Turquoise

I haven´t done any wirework in the last few years. I had to produce something during the last workshop. This is really simple design, beacause it had to be easy-to-copy for the beginners ;) And a quick & cheap trick: if you don´t have coiling tools on hand, don´t panic :) Just bend the end of the wire you want to cover with thin wire. Secure the thinner wire to this "winch". Start to twirl it. For easier use pull a big bead onto the wire so it will be comfortable to hold it. You can cover the wire in minutes ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

K 39 - Lilac spirals

6/0 czech seed beads, 11/0 czech seed beads, 4 mm fp bead (ametist with metal coating), 6 mm fp bead (pale pink with metal coating), 11/0 japanese seed bead (ametist, square hole silver lined)

K 38 - Dark side of me

8 mm black matte imitation pearls, 6 mm imitation pearls, 4 mm matte imitation pearls, 4 mm fp beads, 6 mm fp beads, 5/3 mm pressed beads, 11/0 seed beads

K 37 - Cubes & Jade

14x19 mm jade beads, 3 mm miyuki cubes (2035), 6 mm czech fp beads, miyuki triangles (1801)

NY 115 - Lilien

10 mm rose opal sw carré in metal setting, 8 mm imitation pearls, 4 mm rose opal sw bicones, 11/0 delica (0004 & 0355)

NY 114 - Elizabeth

10 mm round chrystal in setting, 10/7 mm white opal fp drops, 4 mm pacific blue sw bicones, 3 mm white opal & aqua fp beads, 11/0 delicas (0079 & 0021)

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