Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here they are... my precious :) They are georgeous, aren´t they? I love all of them, the girls knew exactly my style, I don´t even have to buy new clothes so that I could wear them :P :))) Beautiful designs in my favourite colours! Thank you girls very very very much!!! Visit their blogs if you would like to see some beautiful jewels such as like these!

Friday, April 18, 2008

K 34 - Mossy tree

even count peyote (8/0 delicas) embellished with 11/0 delicas, 4mm sw bicones and 15/0 seed beads

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

K 33 - Caterpillar

My daugther has said that this bracelet reminds her of the caterpillar she found in the garden with his friend :))) Thence the name ;) And noooo I dont make beaded bead every day :)) I just had no time (and sunlight) last month to take pics of my jewels... For these beads I used 11/0 delicas, 4mm bicones, 3mm firepolished beads, 9/0 seed beads, inside them there are 12 mm beads. The large balls are made of felt.

K 32 - Blossom

I wanted to make something to match these floral lamp beads. I did not have any good ideas so the result is quite poor...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NY 107 - Golden touch

Well yes... beaded beads again... I can´t help it :))))) okay this time it was not my idea I had to make some for the magazine, it was requested by some of its readers... that is why I made simple ones. (still dont have light tent so for a month I have to keep these disgusting photos... at 2 am this is the best I can produce :))) )
I fell in love with these dark gold imitation pearls... I´m afraid I have to order more and more (I´ve already run off of them in this colour but fortunately I have some more in gold and black... I hope this time I can buy pink, lime and turquise too) :P

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