Friday, December 30, 2011

K 69 - Patience

Steven Weiss of Beadsmith offered me a wonderful opportunity to join his little team to make some jewelry featuring their new products: two clasps from the Elegant Elements collection. Amazing clasps! This is my first piece for this project (I have to meke new photos when we have some sun..) This bracelet has bead embroidered elements, and at the spacers I used 3D RAW. Beads: delica, 15/0 toho, 11/0 metal seed beasd by Beadsmith, lond magatama beads, peanut beads (thanks Steven :) ) and 3mm firepolished beads.The clasp is CLSP39SP.
To browse these beautiful new clasps click here:
Tho see what the others make with their clasp check this fb album: Be Elegant!

Monday, December 12, 2011

And the winners are.... Giveaway ep.2.

Thank you all for participating this little givaway! I was gald to see that most of you are returning visitors who comment my posts frequently  ♥ Yesterday we could draw the names. Lili helped a lot as usual, folded all the nametags and lended her hat too :) There were a lot of names in the hat, most of them twice as they joind the giveaway on facebook too.

And the 3 winners are:

Congratulations to the winners! I will contact them in e-mail. I bet they already know what to choose :P Can´t wait to send them their surprise!

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