Tuesday, July 24, 2007

F 12 - Little lilac drops

Transparent cabochons, with montana fireploished rice-shaped bead, special cut montana beads with bronze coating, matte old-gold sead beads, pale lilac firepolished beads and bronze lustered firepolished beads.

NY 74 - Lampions

Another simple and quick-to-make nacklace: simple beaded beads and lamp beads on leadther strings (with small beaded bead stoppers made of sead beads where it is needed...)

Friday, July 20, 2007

W1 - Watch this!

My first watch :) Not exacly what I imagined but it could be worse :)

GY 91 - Multicolor ring

A simple but not too small ring. Easy and quick to make. I wanted to use the multicolor friepolised rice-shaped beads in a ring and I had a firepolished opal green oval bead for the center. See the instructions on my site or clilck here: http://deeva.uw.hu/mintak/Multikolorgyuru.pdf

Thursday, July 19, 2007

G 14 - Cappuccino

This little set was made for a girl whose favourite colours are brown and drab. She wanted a small pendant on a simple string with a similar earring. I used an indian lamp bead as the center rounded with bronze sead beads (2 rows with square stitch). The drop shaped beads are sewed to this base. The earring as you can see is only a simple brass foundation decorated with beads (the same I used for the pendant) on headpins. I love these lacy metal beads.

G 15 - Simple black set

A very simple black set with lamp beads and czech firepolished beads on eyepins. I made 3 variations, you can see the pictures on my website. For instructions visit my site or click here: http://deeva.uw.hu/mintak/Lampasnyakik.pdf

F-11 - Mini pompons

I found these glittering pompons in a toy shop :) They are excellent for making earrings in 5 minutes ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

K 23 - Storm in the night

A herringbone bracelet using twisted hematite bugles, zaphire firepolished beads (4, 6 and 8mm), blue marble oval firepolished beads (10/8 mm) and dark silver sead beads (9/0).

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

NY 97 - Fancy drops

Beaded beads again :) One of my friends fell in love with my "Beaded Fantasy" necklace (NY97) but that one is not for sale (of course I kept it for myself :)))) ) so I had to make something similar for her. The only similarity is the shape of the necklace itself but the beads are different. The one in the middle is a cube: I used pyramidal beads to shape the corners. There is a single bead with a headpin inside the cube - the drop-shaped bead is connected to it. It also has beads with headpins inside itself too (the longest available pins were short for these long beads so I had to find a different solution for connecting them to each other).

Monday, July 2, 2007

GY 90 - Aqua cabochon ring

A new cabochon ring with 3 mm corall, 4 mm opaque aqua, transparent aqua and bronze firepolished beads and 11/0 bronze sead beads. The "cabochon" actually is not a cabochon: it is a cca 10x8 mm firepolished opal aqua bead.

K 22 - Pink´n´purple bracelet

Pink and purple cabochons embedded with firepolished beads. A realy simple technique to make great jewels quickly ;)

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