Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giveaway....why not?

No special occasion this time... No anniversary of the blog or anything else (I don˙t even know when it is :P ), not because I have X visitors, followers etc... Lets blame it on the upcoming Holiday season :)
Of course we will need some rules, just to help me to register everyone who wants to play.
Though I would like to thank those who support me and give me feedback frequently - they help me to improve, I really appreciate all of your comments! As I˙d like to favour them these will be the rules:
  • Be a follower of my blog AND leave a comment here (with your e-mail address!) below this post OR
  • Follow me on facebook: Like the page AND leave a comment at the Giveaway post there!
If you leave comments here and there too you double your chance to win. My kids will help to draw 3 names :)
The deadline is 2011. december 10. 20:00 CET.

What are the prizes? 
  • I will make you a ring - you choose the colours (of course), a new uniqe design just for you! OR
  • You can choose 2 of my instructions, OR
  • If you live nearby you can attend one of my classes FREE in 2012!
No 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes, you can choose your prize!

No akkor a szabályok magyarul is, hogy aki nem beszél angolul is jelentkezhessen :)
  • Legyél rendszeres olvasója ennek a blognak (azaz bal oldalon a "Followers" menüpontnál regisztrálva kell legyél!) ÉS hagyj egy kommentet ennél a bejegyzésnél (ha a profilodnál nem megtalálható, akkor hagyj egy e-mail címet is ahol elérhetlek) VAGY
  • LIKE-old a facebook-n az oldalam: ÉS hagyj egy kommentet azon az oldalon a GIVAWAY bejegyzésénél.
A szabályokat figyelmesen olvassátok, el, mert csak az kerül a kalapba, aki valamelyik feltételnek hibátlanul eleget tesz. Így fair a többiekkel...

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